If you want to know someone’s mind, let them see, experience and discribe just one picture. You will know enough.

One picture and hundred scenes.





We said it all. We  tried so hard to find the perfect versions of ourselves and it’s still not enough. We don’t realize that we are missing the Idea.

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In this era of images that we live in it’s easy to get losed or even to create our very own lie that becomes our reality. Images are everywhere, we are images, we are all photographers of our imaginery micro world. So much beauty but only on the surface. Everything is on screen and everything is screen. We are seduced by images and it’s almost impossible to run away. All we can do is to realize we don’t feel comfortable in the relationships with current images so we move on. But not far away. We found ourselves seduced by another image that we believe can provide us with the truth beneath the surface.
Fragmented Beings. Throught my lens I try to capture all this fragments and not trying to find non existent perfection. I guess the main inspiration comes from the photography from the seventies, feeling the anxiety that is not visible right away.





Fields of Gold

…the beauty of a ghost town…

On one hand we blame our society for being separated and estranged and on the other we feel the need to run away, far, far away. To create our identity on all levels we need both, we need to be overwhelmed with this virtual reality and then we need to hide. Hide? Where to hide? From what? Future, past? It would be pretty naive to think that would be possible. The past returns to desturb, settles into our fragments and colonises the ‘new’, the future.