Sunrise Sunset

 I can never get enough of this color palette created by Sun.

The first picture is taken this morning around 8 am. I guess I can thank to all this mosquitoes for this spot in the woods. It was impossible to go deeper into the woods so I took this pictures on the very beginning of the road and it tourned out pretty good. Morning light, shadow, Sun…good way to start the day. Other pictures are from my little vaction past week. First I thought I had enough sunset shots, but then Iggy took another one in Šibenik and it was amazing, once again.

  IMG_7058-01+ Morning light in my hometown 

IMG_6721-01-01 Sunset view from National park Krka

IMG_6927-01 Sunset in Šibenik

IMG_6723-01 National park Krka

IMG_6857-01 Sunset in Tribunj


4 thoughts on “Sunrise Sunset

  1. Beautiful photos! I love taking pictures of how the sunsets and sunrises. Pictures just turn out better with natural light.


  2. Your pictures are So pretty. I agree, sunset light is magical when photographing anything. I do photography as well, and there’s nothing more magical then creating such a nice mood with the light and your subjects. Natural light is the best!


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