When you fly away

Never try to hide that need to fly away… It doesn’t have to be a long ride, maybe all you need is 1.5 h getaway … 

If you’re from Zagreb, Budapest or Beograd, Ljubljana will most likely feel like your second home. Everything is familiar but diferent, a perfect little getaway. As a true minimalist, I choose Bela Hiša, White House to stay in. Everything about this city is cute, pretty and has that vintage vibe. The love is complete when you spot the avocado toast and Fiji water at the same place and you have 100 % Instagram moment, even when your virtual reality seems so far away ’cause you mobile phone is off (mobile network operator problems, to be honest). Just a few steps later  we discovered the best coffee in Japanesse restaurant.  If that’s not enough to fall completely I don’t know what is.

You just can’t get enough , you just can’t get enough… And here we are. Depeche mode. The main reason for this little trip, but Depeche deserves so much more words and thoughts since their components interact in multiple ways. So, another time, the same place, Depeche mode, revolution ideas from 60’s to today’s virtual reality…


Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetIMG_20170517_231246_026IMG_20170518_131658_254IMG_20170521_133851_153IMG_20170525_112017_165


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