Speaking Photo

Of course, we live in the world of pictures. We are pictures and we are lost in them. 



When we are responding to visual prompts, we are describing and interpreting a picture or a photograph as we see it, as we feel it. The question is ‘Is that a true meaning?’. This World is trying  so hard to present itself as a perfect little place and throught pictures we might just fall under that spell of perfection. But it is a lie. Digital pictures are one big fat lie, don’t try to hide from that fact. Maybe when we transform them into narrative photos, we are trying to make a deeper meaning of that lie. So much talk about lying, but it is not that bad. That’s our reality, not knowing what is truth and we are doing just fine. The lie doesn’t have to be just that, it can be our way to show how we can style little things in our lives and transform them into pretty little things ( yes, I use that hashtag a lot, #prettylittlethings) that means a world to us.




Photos: 1. Self-portrait, H&M hat, 2. Flatlay, #prettylittlethings, 3. Self-portrait, #coffeefirst

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