Summer in the City

The best place on this planet you call . . . Home

You all know that feeling when you come home and the first thing to do is to wash your hands, to put on some comfy clothes, put your hair up in a bun and just relax…you’re home.

Well, allow me to reverse this story. Early morning, the smell of fresh coffee is all over the place, you can even see how those fresh strawberries in oatmeal are dancing to your favorite song on the radio ( pardon me…on youtube!). Everything is perfect even though it’s summer and you’re really not big fan of this crazy heat and mosquitoes. You can’t take a good, long, cozy summer sleep. Life won’t stop just because you want to live in your own Frozen kingdom. Get up, you spoiled baby, there is so many life coaches out there and they all can tell you the same thing – Life is happening now! Yes, even in summer time.

Ok, so where was I? Aha, morning, coffee, strawberries. After that you can’t feel bad, so put on your favorite dress, let your hair down (In the perfect story there is always summer breeze, so we need our hair down for that ‘wind in my hair’ moment) and go out there, explore your hometown. Really, just look up and you will find the sweetest balcony you’ve ever seen, the cute little wooden house, the best coffee shop (and the interior will be sooo good for your instagram feed…).









Photos: 1. Exploring the Old Town of Zagreb in Zara dress, 2. Zara jacket for fresh summer evenings, 3. Cute little shop, Radićeva, 4. Art Park, 5. ‘Wind in my hair’ moment, 6. Flea market, 7. Look up to the skies and see

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