The Art of Thursday

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When the world is not listening, add some color. 



When you’re walking throughout life people will make you mad and disrespect you. The second one can happen for no special reason. They can simply decide that your life is meaningless next to theirs. Yes, it happens on daily basis when you’re trying to make your own way, not following social norms. So, when the World is not listening, add some color and then the magic happens…then the World is not enough. I realized I always use pink to put me in better mood. Maybe that means I should form a new habit of looking at the social issues through rose-colored glasses. However, I’m finding my inner balance doing illustrations and this is the result of my healing the imbalance in the middle of the night moment. Oh,that was one great moment, but just that… a moment. A moment that feels like a second and right after I could just hear another thought is knocking : Fashion is my life, but can I make my life out of fashion?  I guess I’ll be having another healing the imbalance night…maybe now I should try adding another color, maybe yellow has some good answers.

Untill next time, let’s make a mess…










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